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  • Can my organisation work with the ACAA?
    We are keen to work with a variety of organisations in order to provide more valuable services, a broader network and more opportunities to our alumni members. We collaborate with NGOs, industry associations and companies, whether through event sponsorship, strategic partnerships or corporate partnerships. If you are interested in learning more about how your organisation could work with the ACAA, please contact us on
  • How can I find out more about studying in Australia?
    Studying in Australia provides the opportunity to undertake a high quality degree program at undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD level as well as a chance to emerge yourself in and experience the Australian way of life. Whether you are interested in nursing, business, construction, the environment or one of thousands of other areas of study, the right course for you can be found in Australia! And, there are lots of resources available to help you find out more about studying in Australia: • Every Australian university’s International Office staff can provide information on course options, and a general introduction to living and studying in Australia. • Visit the ACAA university partners’ pages for their contact details. • Visit the Australian government’s website, Study in Australia.
  • Are there many famous Australian-educated alumni in China?
    What do China's Vice Minister of Health, the Founder of Suntech, one of the world's leading solar panel manufacturers, and President of Staples Greater China all have in common? All are alumni of Australian universities! We estimate there are almost one million alumni of Australian universities, TAFEs and VET colleges living in China at the moment, as well as a significant number living in Australia. That group includes a tremendous number of highly successful alumni working in government, academia and across different industries. If you are an alumni of an Australian university and are living and/or working in China or Australia, join the ACAA now! We can help you promote your success in China and Australia. In addition, we strongly encourage you to consider nominating yourself or your fellow alumni for our annual Australia China Alumni Awards. Amongst the many high-achieving Australian alumni in China are: • Mr Shek-Hon Lo - Chief Financial Officer and Senior VP, Tencent Holdings (Curtin University alumnus) • Ms Jingshu Ji - Co-Founder & COO, EventBank (University of Sydney alumna) • Mr Wenjun Ma - Director, Guangdong Institute of Public Health (Griffith University alumnus) • Mr He Ren - Chief Engineering Officer, Commercial Aircraft Cooperation of China (RMIT University alumnus) • Ms Daisy Xu – Founder & CEO, AfterWork, Insight Data Technologies (University of Queesland alumna) • Mr Tao Peng - CEO, Breadtrip (University of Melbourne alumnus) • Mr. Hui Wing Mau - Chairman & Executive Director of Shimao Property Holdings Ltd. (UniSA MBA alumnus) • Ms. Wendy Tai - Head of HR Business Partner (APAC), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (University of South Australia alumna) • Prof Heming Yong - President, Guangdong University of Finance (Griffith University alumnus) • Mr Lihua Tong - Director & CEO, Beijing Zhicheng Public Interest Law Firm (UTS alumnus)
  • How can my university and TAFE support ACAA?
    ACAA welcomes Australian universities, TAFE’s and VET colleges as members. There are different categories of membership to suit different levels of participation and financial commitment. This is an excellent way for universities to strengthen their ties with alumni and also to provide a deeper Australian experience for current international students. ACAA also welcomes corporate sponsors and offers different tiers of packages for national and regional corporate partners. Please contact us for the latest information about university, TAFE or VET membership.
  • How can I volunteer with the ACAA?
    ACAA is a not-for-profit organisation and we're always looking for skilled volunteers to help us with event management, design work, publicity and media engagement. Check out our Volunteers Page (insert link) for more details. We have chapters (insert link) spread out over China and Australia where you can play a role in supporting the goals of the ACAA.
  • Who can attend the ACAA's events?
    ACAA events are open to Australian alumni, international students, friends and anyone interested in the Australia-China relationship. On signing up for our online and offline events, you will be redirected to our ACAA registration page (insert link).
  • Am I an ACAA member?
    If you are unsure of whether you are currently an ACAA Member, or have forgotten your login details or are unsure whether you are eligible to become an ACAA member, please contact us on
  • What are the benefits of ACAA membership?
    • Join in ACAA events, local chapters and Special Communities • Receive news about the Australia-China alumni community and the achievements of our alumni • Receive information about upcoming alumni events in China, Australia and online • Connect with other Australian alumni through ACAA Special Communities and ACAA events • Nominate and celebrate the annual Australia-China Alumni Awards • Receive and access information about current job, intern, mentor and volunteer opportunities, and post job opportunities on the ACAA website • Receive news from Australian universities, the TAFE/VET community and your alma mater • Enjoy discounts at specific events.
  • Who can join the ACAA?
    You are eligible to join the ACAA as a member if you: • Graduated from an Australia university, TAFE or VET in Australia (or online) or from an Australia university’s offshore program; • Are currently enrolled in an Australian university, TAFE or VET in Australia or China; • Are not a graduate or international student but you would like to contribute to student and alumni relations between Australia and China through the values and vision of the ACAA. You can sign up here.
  • What is the Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA)?
    To learn more about the ACAA and what we do, please see About the ACAA.

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