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Australia China Alumni Awards

Celebrate the Success of Alumni in China and Australia

Alumni Awards in Numbers


Years of history
Awards finalists in the 14 years

Awards winners in the 13 years

Australian universities attended every year

Attendees gathered in Awards Networking in 8-10 cities of Australia and China since 2020

Views on Award’s posts every year

Annual Alumni Awards Networking

The Australia China Alumni Awards is an initiative of the Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA) to celebrate excellence in Australian tertiary education and recognise the significant achievements of Australian-educated alumni in China. The aim of the Awards is to demonstrate how Australian tertiary education can help graduates succeed in an international context and across a variety of fields.

Every year, ACAA holds Awards Networking in November. Before 2020, the Awards Networking was hold in one place gathering all finalists, winners, government and university representatives. Since 2020, ACAA organized Annual Awards Networkings in 8-10 cities in Australia and China at the same day.

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