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Graduation Ceremony at the University of Melbourne

Today brought a very happy ending to my student period. I finally attended the graduation ceremony at the University of Melbourne, which was a year late. I arrived in Melbourne three years ago, quickly adapted, and fell in love with everything about the university and the city.

I became familiar with every corner of the campus, from University Square to Union House, from the exclusive study room for graduate students of Giblin Eunson Library to the corridor of Arts West.

At ERC, I worked on my assignments till midnight. At Old Arts, I did presentations with my team members. I like to sit on the south lawn after class and watch my friends build models at MSD. After the sunset, I often went to the Melbourne Law School to play the piano and got to know many alumni who also love to play musical instruments.

Graduation is not the end but the beginning. My life at Unimelb is a memory I will never forget. The learning process is not always easy and smooth, but paying more always means getting more. Diversified perspectives, inclusive mentality, tenacious character and motivation to move forward... Everything I learned and gained here will accompany me for the rest of my life.

Happy Graduation! Postera Crescam Laude!

Author: Ling Gong (ACAA SMA 22-23)

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