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Volunteer & Events Coordinator

Position Description:

  • Planning: Develop and maintain a Volunteer Policy and Procedures manual, Volunteer Charter and Implementation Strategy.

  • Recruitment, Induction and Training: Coordinate recruitment, induction and training of volunteers in conjunction with the needs of specific departments in the organisation.

  • Monitoring: Develop systems and KPIs to monitor progress and support.

  • Organisational Cultural Development: Maintain and develop an organisational culture that mutually values and respects volunteers as well as paid staff. Deal with any complaint or conflict that may occur with reference to the Volunteer Policy and Charter. Ensure no bullying or harassment behaviour is tolerated.

  • Attract, recruit and onboard volunteers, matching their interests with suitable opportunities

  • Manage and mentor volunteers, supporting them with both online and onsite face-to-face training as well as coordinating social volunteer events

  • Maintain accurate records in our volunteer database and follow established processes and guidelines for Volunteer Services.


  • Graduate of an Australian university;

  • Passionate about events organizing and volunteer work, and a good team player;

  • Self-starter and self-motivated

  • Strong communications skills. Enjoy dealing with people

  • Suitable for both Chinese or English native speakers; High level of command of English if not native speaker;

  • Managerial experience, particularly experience with leading a remote team is preferred

  • Experience with volunteer organizations is desired but not essential

  • Ideally located in a major city in China or Australia

  • Average 4-6 hours a week | up to 6 half days per month


  • This is a largely volunteer position, some work will be paid whenever the budget allows.

  • Opportunity to work with ACAA’s existing team and build a solid volunteer network.

  • Access to ACAA’s events and network;

  • Profiling throughout ACAA network.

  • Potential to work with ACAA on identifying projects

  • Invitation to the   ACAA annual volunteer retreat weekend.

Please send your application to HR@austchinaalumni .org

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