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Media Communications Coordinator

Position Description

  • Assist ACAA identify and establish organizational media strategy and KPIs;

  • Support ACAA in building a media team, including selecting a combination of volunteer and casual staff, setting priorities and streamlining the workflow;

  • Drive the data focus work of the media team, improve its data collection system, and provide the data collection summary to ACAA’s executive committee each quarter;

  • Identify areas of improvements in operations and managements;

  • Consolidate media exposure information for the ACAA annual report.


  • Worked as a media professional or studied media in Australia;

  • Familiarity with one or both media environments/platforms (Chinese and / or global) is a must;

  • Ability to oversee media operations and provide guidance and direction to the media team;

  • Experience in leading a small team is a plus;

  • Average 1-2 hours a week.


  • This is a largely volunteer position, however some work may be paid;

  • Opportunity to work with ACAA’s existing team and build a media team with volunteers, interns and staff;

  • Access to ACAA’s events and network;

  • Profiling throughout ACAA network;

  • Potentially become part of ACAA’s Executive committee;

  • Invitation to the ACAA annual volunteer retreat weekend.

Please send your application to HR@austchinaalumni .org

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