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2023 Australia China Alumni Award for the Arts and Creative Industries


Australia China Alumni Award for the Arts and Creative Industries

This award recognises alumni who have achieved excellence in the Arts and Creative sectors and/or whose efforts promote the understanding and value of artistic and creative endeavours. 

It seeks to recognize creativity and success in one or more of a variety of fields, including art and design, architecture, fashion design, literature, music, performing arts, advertising, publishing and the creative media.

A nominee should have a demonstrated ability to use their creative skills in new and innovative ways, perhaps by working across creative mediums, combining or introducing new concepts into the field, and/or introducing creative concepts into new/unique markets.

To view the finalists of other categories please click HERE


Yiran Wang

University of Melbourne


Wei Zhang



Leqi Zhan

Mount Waverley Secondary College


Keyuan Jiang

Torrens University


Longjie Roger Cui

Griffith University


Wing Sze Mavis Mak

University of Wollongong


Yan Luo



Xie Linghuihui

University of Melbourne


Yiran Wang
Student Ambassador, Artist, Teaching Assistant
California Institute of the Arts
University of Melbourne Alumna


Yiran Wang is a artist and filmmaker graduated from the MSD Architecture Department of the University of Melbourne and studied in the Character Animation Department at California Institute of the Arts, where she was honored with the Lillian Disney Scholarship. She exchanged at UCLA in 2018. Yiran has achieved numerous international awards and recognitions for her work, including the iJungle International Illustration Competition 2020 New Talent Award and the Dalian Cultural and Museum Journey Culture and Museum Enthusiast Awards. In 2023, her work was featured in the “Through Time and Space” exhibition organized by the Museum of Chinese Australian History, supported by the Australian Embassy in Beijing and RMIT University.
Yiran’s film “Letter from Fukushima” has been showcased and awarded at various film festivals and exhibitions worldwide, such as the Dalian Urban Public Art Biennale, the World Health Organization (WHO) “Health for All Film” Festival, and the Yale College Film Festival. She has also made significant contributions to the artistic and educational community by presenting and giving lectures at events like the Zhihu Live talk, Art Media Lab open class, and various workshops and residency programs
Yiran Wang’s journey as an artist and filmmaker showcases her exceptional talent, dedication, and passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling.
王一然是一位艺术家和电影制作人,墨尔本大学的MSD建筑系及加州艺术学院的角色动画系校友,莉莲安·迪士尼奖学金得主,UCLA访问学者。她的作品获得了许多国际奖项和认可,包括iJungle国际插画大赛2020New Talent奖项,北京电子公交卡中国农业大学卡面设计等等。于2023年,她的作品在由中国澳大利亚历史博物馆主办、澳大利亚驻北京大使馆和RMIT大学支持的《时空之旅》展览中展出。

她的手绘动画电影《Letter from Fukushima》在全球各地的电影节和展览中获奖和展映,包括大连城市公共艺术双年展、耶鲁大学电影节最佳短片、世界卫生组织 “Health For All” 电影节和等等。她在许多公共教育和艺术活动中进行了演讲和讲座,旨在推广知识和创造力,这些活动包括知乎Live讲座、Art Media Lab公开课、2021年Tactileye与北京歌德学院合作的《触觉谜语》无障碍工作坊、2023年索拉里斯Art x 乌镇朗园Art的《穹顶之外·又见乌镇》艺术家驻留计划,以及2021年作为嘉宾参加由大连市妇女联合会、大连市群团组织服务中心及中图新阅读有限公司联合主办的《绘本大连·五一童乐绘》活动等。


Ms Katherine Jiang
Production Co-ordinator
Trackmaster Pty Ltd
Torrens University Alumna


Over my past few years during my study and now within the fashion industry, I have been constantly aiming for higher to reach towards my life goal. As of recently, I was honoured to have my collection showcased at the Ravishing Fashionistas’ walkway show during August. A total of 6 pieces out of 10 from my collection was chosen as per the show’s theme of this year. This collection was inspired by the traditional Chinese artistic culture, beginning from my own knowledge and interpretations, to developing a recreation that reflected my values towards an heritage culture and the fashion industry. I have also completed multiple custom made orders within the past 3 years when COVID-19 has begun, developing unique designs from my client’s requirements, to actioning and replicating an illustration to real life. I will always discuss and provide different design options with what my client wants, and adjust accordingly with both my creative and technical skill sets within my capabilities. With this, I have built a reputation within my clients’ circles, and gained both new clients as well as returning clients.
近年来,在我学业的路途中与现在的时装行业中,我一直在努力的往上爬,为了能更进一步的勾向我的人生梦想与目标。在今年的八月初,我荣幸地获得了一个机会。一个让我的作品能够在大众的呈现出的机会。位于昆士兰的Ravishing Fashionishtas的女装时装秀在今年八月拉开帷幕,而我10件作品中的6件,很荣幸的被选中,并且上台展出。这个系列是受了中国艺术文化的启发而创造而成。从我对中国传统艺术的认知,到如何将我的认知与敬佩转化成一个时装与传统艺术文化的结晶体。在被新冠病毒爆发的三年里,我也完成许多订制单。在订制的过程中,我会与我的顾客商量,设计,提供等等满意方案给予他们。通过我的艺术与专业工艺,来实现顾客的要求。因此,我也得到了顾客的信任与推荐,由此接到了更多新顾客以及老顾客。


Leqi Zhan
Music and Art Director
Guangzhou QileRongrong Cultural communication Co.,Ltd
Mount Waverley Secondary College Alumnus

On the way of getting so much achievements in Leqi’s 29 years life time, he mostly thanks the experience of study in Australia in Melbourne. Especially, his technical piano performance skills and the understanding of western cultural.
2015July&Sept./2016Aug./2017Aug./2018Sept.&Oct./2019Aug./2020Dec./2023Jun.&Aug. Leqi Zhan held a lot of his self-composition piano solo concerts in Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall; the Anniversary Hall of Peking University; Renmin University of China; Beijing Capital Museum; Guangdong Museum; Guangzhou Zhengjia Concert hall; Shenzhen Mountain View Theater.
Leqi Zhan is the first pianist in history who held solo concert in China Great Hall in 1st of August 2017, which is also the Chinese Army Day. The whole concert was filmed by China Educational Channel and CCTV4.
In 2019, Leqi awarded Friendly Ambassador, in 2019 annual Youth International Exchange Activity, Commiseration with Diplomat – Tell the world about China, in the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina / Islamic Republic of Pakistan / Republic of Zimbabwe.
Apart from music, Leqi Zhan is also a historian. He wrote four books based on Historical Popular Science Reading Materials over 1.200.000words published by China Taihai publishing house(中国台海出版社)


Dr. Roger Longjie Cui
Company Pianist
Queensland Ballet
Griffith University Alumnus

Born in China, Dr. Roger Longjie Cui is an internationally acclaimed concert pianist currently based in Brisbane. He holds a Master in Music from the University of Music in Karlsruhe, Germany. And was awarded a doctorate in music from Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium in 2022. 
Dr. Cui has held positions as piano lecturer and head of piano both in Germany as well as in Australia. He is currently a full-time company pianist at Queensland Ballet, as well as casual chamber music assistant at Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium.
Dr. Cui is a strong advocate for multiculturalism and cross-cultural exchanges. Upon a critically acclaimed performance of the Yellow River Piano Concerto at the 2021 Mainland Chinese Society Gala held at the Brisbane City Hall, Dr. Cui has been invited to give return performances. In 2023, Dr. Cui will team up with Courtney Cleary (violinist) to perform The Sun shines on Tashikuergan.

2023年,崔隆杰将于世界知名青年小提琴家Courtney Cleary合作演绎《太阳照耀塔什库尔干》。


Yan Luo
ASPECT Studios
RMIT University Alumnus


Luo Yan graduated from RMIT University in Australia with a Master of Landscape Design. Over the past decade, Luo Yan has been responsible for many different types of projects including landscape planning, commercial complexes, hospitality, residential and public realm. Close collaboration with top international architectural firms and consulting teams gives his design work an international perspective and influence. Working with Stephen Buckle, Design Director of ASPECT Studios, Yan play an leading role into many award wining master piece of work, such as hyperlane Park in Chengdu , The Roof in Shanghai, and Ant A Space in Hangzhou, The Poly Cross Gate Times Central Square in Zhuhai. These projects have been widely concerned and praised around the world.

在过去十多年里, 罗彦负责众多不同类型项目包括景观规划、商业综合体、酒店住宅以及公共开发空间等等.
与顶级建筑事务所团队紧密合作使得其设计作品具备国际化视野与影响力, 如中国成都hyperlane超线公园、中国上海The Roof恒基旭辉天地、杭州蚂蚁科技A空间办公园区、珠海保利十字门时代中环广场等都是其代表性之处


Wei Zhang
Creative Director
Guiwei Culture and Art (Zhuhai) Co., LTD
RMIT alumna


The Australian Fashion Education Forum and Alumni Fashion Show is a part of the China International College Fashion Week 2023 held in Beijing, which is jointly organized by the Australian Embassy in Beijing and China International College Fashion Week to promote Australian fashion education and culture, and to enhance the level of communication and cooperation between the fashion industry in China and Australia.
Ms. Zhang Wei (CINDY), as a representative of Australian outstanding alumni designers, was invited to participate in this event, to discuss the topic of Australian fashion education with the Australian Embassy in China, and to bring a unique fashion clothing series runway show.
Ms. Zhang Wei (CINDY) has vigorously promoted the Sino-Australian fashion culture exchange through fashion exhibition, exchange forum, designer salon and other forms.
In the conversation session, Ms. CINDY ZHANG shared her experience of studying in Australia and the brand concept of CINDY WEI ZHANG STUDIO, showcased many examples of Australian fashion design and novel and advanced technology, and gave practical information and experience for students who want to study in Australia.
This is an in-depth interaction between the Chinese fashion industry and the Australian fashion industry to explore cooperation opportunities in design, industry, education and other aspects.

Ms. Zhang Wei has received many awards as follows:
Asia-pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders Design Contribution Award;
Copenhagen Fur Fashion Awards;
Melbourne Fashion Week Honorary Designer Award;
Triumph Underwear Global Design Competition Australian Division five;
Anno Design Annual Winner Award;
The 2nd China Fashion Design Competition Excellence Award;
Silver and Bronze prizes in costume jewelry category of Chinese Elements Creative Contest;
Sina Weibo Style Award: Chinese Designer Brand of the Year Award;
Excellent scientific and technological workers of China Fashion Color Association;
2023 China International Fabric Design Competition, the 49th (2024 Spring/Summer) China Popular fabric finalist review committee member;
Her design award for best fashion piece of the year;
Xiangshan Good youth innovation  entrepreneurship good youth.



张玮女士(CINDY)通过时装展、交流论坛、设计师沙龙等形式,大力推动中澳时尚文化交流。在对话环节,张女士分享了她在澳大利亚留学的经历和CINDY WEI ZHANG的品牌理念

Anno Design Annual优胜者奖
2023中国国际面料设计大赛、第49届(2024春夏)中国流行面料入围评审 评审会委员


Mavis Mak
Co-founder, Integrated Marketing Communications Director
Sage House Business Consultancy Ltd
University of Wollongong alumna


Mavis Mak is an exceptional curator, entrepreneur, and integrated marketing strategist whose impact on the global arts and creative industries is truly remarkable. With over two decades of experience, Mavis has reshaped art curation, turning it into immersive experiences that bridge brands and artists through innovative creative strategies. She is at the helm of Sage House, an award-winning creative and marketing agency, which has gained international recognition.
Under Mavis’s leadership, Sage House has become a trailblazer, collaborating with renowned global brands such as Walt Disney, Peanuts, Warner Bros, and key government art projects in China, Japan, Saudi Arabia. These partnerships showcase Mavis’ unique ability to seamlessly blend art with commerce and urban planning, creating memorable narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. For this year’s Christmas campaign in China, Sage House also represents reputed Australian artist ‘Beastman’ to create immersive installations and wider international exposure of Australian artists.
Beyond her commercial success, Mavis is deeply committed to nurturing emerging talents, particularly from China, offering them a global platform to shine and showcase their work to the world. She played a pivotal role in shaping ‘Unknown Asia’, an art platform from Osaka, Japan, which allows young talents to shine, spotlighting hidden talent on a global stage and providing resources for artists to refine their craft. In 2024, Sage House is also actively involved in an artist residency program hosted in Saudi Arabia.  
Mavis’ philanthropic efforts extend to strengthening the global artistic community, transcending geographical boundaries. Her work fosters unity in a world often divided by differences.
Through upcoming partnerships with esteemed art institutions including the National Gallery of Victoria, Mavis contributes to cultural exchange between Australia and Asia Pacific artists, promoting creativity and mutual appreciation. Her efforts have democratised art, making it accessible in everyday spaces, reshaping the artistic and creative landscape.
Mavis Mak,作为一位杰出的策展人、企业家和综合营销战略家,她对全球艺术和创意产业具有卓越影响力。凭借超过二十年的经验,她以其独特的方式改变了艺术策展的面貌,通过创意策略将品牌和艺术家联系在一起,打造出身临其境的体验。她领导的Sage House是一家屡获殊荣的创意和营销机构,在国际上获得了广泛认可。
在 Mavis 的领导下,Sage House成为了一个开拓者,与华特迪士尼、花生漫画、华纳兄弟等知名全球品牌以及中国、日本和沙特阿拉伯的重要政府艺术项目合作。这些合作伙伴关系展示了Mavis将艺术与商业和城市规划无缝融合的独特能力,创造了令人难忘的叙事,引起了全世界观众的共鸣。在今年的中国圣诞节活动中,Sage House还代表著名澳大利亚艺术家 ”Beastman” 创作沉浸式装置,帮助扩大了澳大利亚艺术家在国际上的影响力。

Mavis除了在商业上的卓越成就,她还致力于培养新兴人才,特别是来自中国的艺术家,希望为他们提供国际的舞台。她在推动”UNKNOWN ASIA”计划方面发挥了关键作用,将有才华的中国艺术家带到全球舞台上,并为艺术家提供资源来完善他们的工艺。在2024年,Sage House还积极参与了沙特阿拉伯举办的艺术家驻留计划。



2018年硕士毕业于墨尔本大学国际媒体传播专业;毕业后自现在担任中央广播电视总台编导兼外景主持,2023年10月导演亚运会特别节目《亚洲时刻 中国好礼》;2023.09月导演项目《开学第一课》;2022年独立编导及出镜主持纪录片《一粒米的诞生》获中央电视台农业农村节目中心2022年度优秀纪录片;曾参与项目:《我爱发明》《致富经》、《攻坚日记》、《科技苑》、《科技链》,同时担任澳中同学会-媒体大使、2020-现在担任CCTV”希望之星英语大赛”年度总决赛评委,2021年在江苏卫视《一站到底》中获胜,获”一站青年”称号;多次主持国家级会议及论坛活动,并数次在《人民日报》、《中国青年报》、《环球时报》等发表文章 。在读书期间,曾任联合国全球契约组织”中国企业社会责任青年大使”,因多次中日韩企业调研及组织青年交流获得时任韩国外交部长尹炳世颁发的”韩国外交部长奖”,曾于联合国全球契约组织,中国石化总部董秘局,中国科技馆实习,2012-2015年担任澳门青年议政团委员,2014年担任CCTV《开讲啦》青年代表,2016-2018年任财新网《世界说》澳洲区海外专员、《丝路新视野》特约记者。

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