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Business 商业社区

ACAA's Business Community strives to establish a robust network and a  valuable resource pool tailored for alumni in the business sector. With a  base of over 20,000 ACAA alumni, including a substantial representation  of professionals from diverse business domains,  our community serves as a pivotal hub for fostering connections,  insights, and collaborations among like-minded business alumni. Our primary objectives encompass both personal career advancement and  collective contributions to society.

Within the realm of Business Communities, we proudly present the  Entrepreneurs Group/Community. Furthermore, we are actively developing  industry-specific groups and other specialized business cohorts to  provide even more tailored support to our esteemed business  alumni.

Should you wish to become part of this dynamic community, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at for inclusion in the community's WeChat Group.

For those interested in spearheading a dedicated business or industry  group within the Business Community, we encourage you to connect with  the leader of the Business Community, Sara Cheng, at Sara will be pleased to engage in a discussion regarding your proposed group or sub-community.

Your engagement in ACAA's Business Community promises a rewarding journey of mutual growth, collaboration, and shared success.

When contact us for joining the community or initiate a business group, please include your information below:

  • graduation university

  • year of graduation

  • organization name

  • position

  • industry

  • location (city, country)

  • contact email

  • wechat (for us to invite you to the WeChat group)

  • telephone

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