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在介绍与分享环节中,2023年澳中艺术与创意行业杰出校友奖获得者Mavis Mak女士向大家讲述了自己是如何离开熟悉的香港环境,来到陌生的上海打拼,并和合作伙伴一起为各大商场和合作方搭建一个又一个颇具创造力与影响力的艺术互动装置。而目前在莫纳什大学工作的Tony Lin博士也分享了他之前作为医生行医和学习研究的经历,重塑了大家对于健康的认知。心理专家、时事评论家、教育行业创业者,各个行业的精英校友们分享了自己在目前工作中取得的成就,也带着对彼此的衷心祝愿结束了本次活动。





ACAA Alumni Awards Winners and Finalists Luncheon successfully held in Shanghai

ACAA held a special luncheon gathering event on April 14, 2024. The participants were the former winners and finalists of the Australia and China Alumni Awards.

The luncheon was held at a famous award-winning restaurant on the West Jianguo Road, called Thought for Food. The elegant canteen environment, delicate, healthy and seasonal dishes made the gathering more special for the guests. ‘Celtuce and Green Honeydew Melon Salad on Cucumber Carpaccio’, ’Egg Benedict with Homemade Smoked Salmon’-all the alumni enjoyed the delicious cuisines with Spring seasonal ingredients and chatted with a good vibe.

During the event, all the guests made self-introduction while sharing their special memories of their life in Australia and their career achievements in China. Ms. Mavis Mak, winner of the 2023 Australia China Outstanding Alumni Award in the Arts and Creativity Industry, shared with everyone how she left the familiar Hong Kong environment and came to Shanghai to work hard. Together with her partners, she built one creative and influential art interactive installation after another for major shopping malls and partners. Dr. Tony Lin, who currently works at Monash University, also shared his previous experiences as a doctor practicing medicine and studying research, reshaping everyone's understanding of health. Psychologists, current affairs critics, education industry entrepreneurs, and alumni from various industries shared their achievements in their current work and concluded this event with sincere wishes to each other.

"A ray of spring sunshine shines into the quiet garden. We feel a warmth in our hearts.",

"Overall, it's very good, and the communication format is also great. You can regularly convene the organization."

——Participants also provided heartwarming feedback.

ACAA also looks forward to providing more opportunities and platforms for alumni to connect with. Looking forward to seeing you again at the event!

If you are interested in becoming a ACAA volunteer or join ACAA community, please contact

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