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Sun, 24 Apr



ACAA Speechcraft Program Session 2

Speechcraft is a blended practicing program designed to provide optimal support for participants interested in building their communication and public speaking skills.

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ACAA Speechcraft Program Session 2
ACAA Speechcraft Program Session 2

Time & Location

24 Apr 2022, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm AEST


About the Event

Communication plays an important role in our daily life.

ACAA Toastmasters Club will launch on 1 July. With support from the Scanlon Foundation, our Club offers 20 seats and is recruiting members! We especially welcome individuals from different cultural backgrounds. We provide a fun, safe, and supportive environment for you to practice public speaking.

To prepare for our launch, ACAA has invited Toastmasters International senior members Allan Rees-Bevan and Dale Rees-Bevan to present the Speechcraft Program in five sessions starting in April.

Our first Speechcraft online event was held on 10 April. It is not too late to join this popular activity - On 24th April, we will hold a second session in which you will:

  1. give a 3-4 minute speech about yourself
  2. use the basic speech structure and top ten tips that were shared in Session 1
  3. learn how to give valuable and constructive feedback
  4. learn how to use your body and voice more effectively

In the second session, we will give 4 people a role in running the Session, the roles are:

  • meeting chairman (control the flow of the meeting)
  • speaker introductions (find out from speakers what their speech titles are)
  • determining speeches (assign topics and select speakers)
  • Timer (must know how to use ZOOM backgrounds)

Event fee: AU$16

The PPT from the first session will be provided to all participants, so no one misses out!  

Event Guests

Allan Rees-Bevan

Allan Rees-Bevan is a Director and head of Presales for the APAC region in Morae Global, the world's leader in legal technology services. Allan's day is full of presentations to the global team and client base. The best thing Allan did was join Toastmasters when he was 19. Out of all the qualifications and domain knowledge he has acquired, the ability to stand up and present with confidence and enjoy it, has formed his career more than anything else.

In Toastmasters, Allan has had several leadership roles and opportunities to step even further outside of his comfort zone. Toastmasters has improved his speaking, and leadership, and he continues to learn every time he attends a meeting.

Dale Rees-Bevan

Dale is a speaker, trainer, certified World Class Speaking Coach™, past president of Professional Speakers Australia NSW/ACT, president of SpeakersBank Australia Incorporated and author of The Speaking Formula. Dale loves language, learning and laughter and believes in combining these in equal measure in all her sessions.

沟通在我们的日常生活中有着重要的作用。作为英语非母语人士,我们如何在英语环境中达到有效的沟通。为此,ACAA邀请了Toastmasters International 资深成员 Allan Rees-Bevan 和Dale Rees-Bevan从四月起推出了五期的英文沟通训练活动(Speechcraft Program)。

4月10日我们举办了第一期 Speechcraft 线上活动,有16位朋友参加;大家在Allan的带领和指导下,尝试了在没有准备情况下的沟通和演讲技巧; Dale和大家分享了让演讲更精彩的十大秘诀。一小时的活动,大家通过练习认识了彼此也练习了和陌生人的沟通技巧。

4月24日,我们将举办第二场 Speechcraft,活动中你将了解并练习以下技巧:

  1. 做3-4分钟的自我介绍;
  2. 使用在第一节中分享的基本演讲结构和十大技巧;
  3. 学会如何给出有价值和建设性的反馈;
  4. 学习如何使用你的身体和声音使你的演讲更好;


  • 会议主席(控制会议流程)
  • 演讲者介绍(了解演讲者的演讲标题)
  • 无准备演讲(准备主题和选择演讲者)
  • 计时器(必须知道如何使用ZOOM背景)

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