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Light Volleyball Game Coordinator

Position Description:

  • Working with ACAA team and social media to build a light volleyball team of up to 20 people in major and regional cities in Australia;

  • Overseeing at least 20 training and game sessions a year (every 2nd week);

  • Recruiting more volunteers and team members whenever appropriate;

  • Cooperating with ACAA light volleyball partners and coaches to build and train the team

  • Organisational cultural development: Maintain and develop an organisational culture that mutually values and respects volunteers as well as paid staff. Deal with any complaint or conflict that may occur with reference to the Volunteer Policy and Charter. Ensure no bullying or harassment behaviour is tolerated.

  • Working with the ACAA team to promote light volleyball and other community interest groups and events.


  • Current Australian university students or a graduate of an Australian university;

  • Love to play sports;

  • Well-organized, strong self-discipline;

  • Passionate about event organizing and volunteer work;

  • Enjoy dealing with people, good command of Chinese and English;

  • Located in one of the major cities in Australia;

  • 3-4 hours every second week | up to 8 hrs per month.


  • This is an entirely volunteer position;

  • Meeting other people with the same interests and passion;

  • Chance of regular exercising, socializing and having lots of fun;

  • Opportunity to work with ACAA’s existing team and ACAA partner’s existing light volleyball teams;

  • Access to ACAA’s other events and network;

  • Profiling throughout ACAA network;

  • Potential to participating Light Volleyball League in Australia;

  • Invitation to the ACAA annual volunteer retreat weekend.

Please send your application to HR@austchinaalumni .org

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