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Sun, 10 Apr



ACAA Speechcraft Program

Raise your speaking skills, raise your success. Give you the practice you need in a fun and relaxed hands-on workshop.

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ACAA Speechcraft Program
ACAA Speechcraft Program

Time & Location

10 Apr 2022, 7:00 pm


About the Event

More than ever, today’s workforce needs the essential skills that come with being good communicators. But great speakers aren’t born that way, they practice their way to extraordinary. ACAA is preparing to set up a Toastmasters Club to help our members and friends hone their speaking skills. 

Last year, our online event showcased how new and experienced speakers present and receive constructive and positive feedback to improve and build on their skills. This year, from April 10th ACAA will carry out a Speechcraft Program in five sessions that run online.

What is Speechcraft Program?

Speechcraft is a blended practicing program designed to provide optimal support for participants interested in building their communication and public speaking skills.

What's in it for you?

All sessions are run with the help of course attendees and guided by experienced speakers and trainers, so you will get valuable experience in

  • delivering unprepared speeches
  • running meetings
  • giving valuable and constructive feedback to other speakers
  • including vocal variety and body language in your speaking
  • adding impact to your speeches
  • using words to get a good outcome

This is a practical course; the best way to learn is by doing!

First session: April 10 Sunday

Second session: April 24 Sunday

Third session: May 8 Sunday

Fourth session: May 29 Sunday

Fifth session: June 12 Sunday

Program Mentor: 

Toastmasters International

Allan Rees-Bevan

Allan Rees-Bevan is a Director and head of Presales for the APAC region in Morae Global, the world's leader in legal technology services. Allan's day is full of presentations to the global team and client base. The best thing Allan did was join Toastmasters when he was 19. Out of all the qualifications and domain knowledge he has acquired, the ability to stand up and present with confidence and enjoy it, has formed his career more than anything else.

In Toastmasters, Allan has had several leadership roles and opportunities to step even further outside of his comfort zone. Toastmasters has improved his speaking, and leadership, and he continues to learn every time he attends a meeting.

For nearly 100 years, Toastmasters International has helped millions of people become more confident communicators, public speakers, and leaders. The Toastmasters network of clubs and its learn-by-doing program were created to help you gain the skills needed to achieve your personal and professional goals.

ACAA Toastmasters Club is under preparation and will launch on 1 July. Our Club offers 20 seats and is recruiting members! We provide a fun, safe, and supportive environment for you to practice public speaking. Along the way, you’ll build a better you!

Join Us Now to:

Ø Improve your public speaking and communication

Ø Gain confidence when speaking in front of others

Ø Sharpen your leadership skills

Ø Enjoy a competitive advantage in your workplace

If you are interested, you can click the link below to register for the ACAA Toastmasters Club Member :) 

register as ACAA Toastmasters Club Member

我们都知道沟通在职业生涯和日常生活中有多么重要,而在公众场合下演讲对许多人来说,又会是多么令人生畏;为帮助同学们和校友们建立与他人沟通的信心,成为更好的演讲者和领导者,ACAA与拥有百年历史,在140个国家建立了16,000多家俱乐部的Toastmasters International合作,筹备建立第一家ACAA Toastmasters Club。

去年底,我们举办了寻找你的发声舞台的体验活动,得到了广大朋友们的支持。今年,ACAA邀请了Toastmasters International 资深成员 Allan Rees-Bevan 从四月起推出英文口才训练活动(Speechcraft Program)。本次口才训练活动分为五期,每期相连,层层递进。





  • 即兴演讲
  • 主持会议
  • 如何给出有价值和建设性的反馈
  • 如何在你的讲话中运用声音的多样性和肢体语言
  • 如何在你的讲话中增加感染力和影响力
  • 如何借助言语得到好的结果


自1924年以来,Toastmasters International 帮助了数百万人,让他们在与他人沟通时更有自信。Toastmasters 的俱乐部网络以及其在实践中学习的课程,是为了帮助您成为更好的演讲者和领导者而创建的。


  • single session ticket

    you will get materials before and during the event to help you prepare and practise speech delivery and preparation.

    CNY 76.00
    Sale ended
  • whole program ticket

    This ticket includes all five sessions. At the end of each session, program mentor will give materials at the end of each session and prepare for next session.

    CNY 300.00
    +CNY 7.50 service fee


CNY 0.00

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