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2023 AMET Young Australia China Alumni of the Year Award


Australia China Alumni Award for Major Corporate Achievement

This award celebrates alumni who have made significant accomplishments within a corporate environment across all industry sectors.  

It seeks to recognise both established and emerging commercial leaders, all of whom should have been able to demonstrate leadership ability, a flair for her or his field, and a passion for corporate social responsibility.

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Bo Jiang

Macquarie University alumnus


Jian(Chris) Wen

University of New South Wales and University of Technology Sydney alumnus


Mingyang Xie

Swinburne University of Technology alumnus


Kevin Tang

University of New South Wales alumnus


Yulin Yang

Australian National University alumnus


Zheng(Charlie) Yang

University of New South Wales alumnus


Yilin Chen

James Cook University alumna


Peter Osborne

charles Sturt University and Griffith Universitsy alumnus


Ines Yuanyuan Liu

Macquarie University alumna


Jianbin Liu

University of Wollongong alumnus


Baisha Zhang

Univerrsity of Melbourne and University of Western Sydney alumus


Chris Pan

RMIT University alumna


Bo Jiang
Deputy General Manager, Strategic Development Department
Guobao Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Macquarie University Alumnus


Mr. Bo Jiang graduated from Macquarie University, Australia in 2008, Master of Actuarial Practice, Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting, CPA Australia, and served in large enterprises such as New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd and Sichuan Development (Holding) Co., Ltd. Since 2018, He has been appointed as the head of the Strategic Development Department of Guobao Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Seriously by understanding and implementing the company’s strategy, he fully applied the comprehensive management ability and professional technical skills to the preparation and operation of branches. With the tightening of the national financial regulatory policy, Guobao Life obtained the approval for the establishment of two provincial branches in Beijing and Chongqing in one month, which is the first step towards the national layout of Guobao Life and a key step to the formation of a national financial institution. It has also created a new national record of one insurance institution being approved by two provincial branches within one year in the past 10 years. The opening and operation of Beijing and Chongqing branches has played a significant role in enhancing the national influence of Guobao Life and even Sichuan’s financial industry. Therefore, he was named the “Superstar of Guobao “.With CPA Australia accreditation he takes part in the events and activities organised by CPA Australia and Austrade to help young late comers to learn about education and career in Australia and China.



Mingyang Xie
Director Sea English Academy
Swimburne University Alumnus

Mr. Xie Mingyang currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SEA English Academy and concurrently holds the position of Operations Director at the non-profit organization, the Australian Education Society (AES).
The Australian Education Society (AES) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a professional platform connecting educational institutions and practitioners in Australia and China. Its mission is to offer broader educational and cultural experiences to disadvantaged Australian and international students. Since 2016, Mr. Xie has been deeply involved in AES’s China projects, assisting local students from Melbourne in participating in cultural exchange activities in various Chinese cities, including Wuxi, Yangtze River, Nanjing, and the Miao villages in Guizhou province. This has allowed Australian children to immerse themselves in the profound richness of Chinese culture. Building a bridge of communication between China and Australia has always been Mr. Xie’s goal, and he has also actively facilitated deep cooperation between the Changzhou Basketball Association and the Australia-China Basketball Association.
With years of immersion in the education industry, Mr. Xie remains true to his original intentions. As a former international student himself, he deeply understands the challenges faced by newcomers in a foreign environment. This was the driving force behind the establishment of SEA ENGLISH ACADEMY. His belief is encapsulated in the motto: “Belong, Enjoy, Succeed.” Only when these young, overseas students feel the warmth can they enjoy their learning journey and achieve success. Since its inception, SEA ENGLISH ACADEMY has welcomed over a thousand international students from more than 30 different countries, leaving behind beautiful memories.

谢明阳先生目前担任SEA English Academy的首席执官,同时也担任非盈利组织澳大利亚教育协会(AES)的运营主管。澳大利亚教育协会(AES)是一家致力于提供专业平台的非盈利组织,旨在连接澳大利亚和中国的教育机构和从业者,为澳大利亚和国际的弱势学生提供更广泛的教育和文化体验机会。谢先生自2016年开始深度参与中国项目,帮助墨尔本本地学生前往中国参与文化交流活动,足迹遍布从无锡扬子江、南京再到贵州省的苗寨。这使得澳大利亚的孩子们能够深切体验中国文化的博大精深。构建中澳之间的沟通桥梁一直是谢先生的目标,他还曾积极协助常州篮球协会与澳中篮球协会展开深度合作。
作为教育行业的资深从业者,谢先生心怀初心。作为曾经的留学生,他深知留学生刚来到新环境所面临的挑战。这也是他创建SEA ENGLISH ACADEMY的初衷。他的信念:“
Belong, Enjoy, Succeed.” 只有当这些年轻、远道而来的孩子们感受到温暖,才能够愉快地学习并取得成功。从学校成立之初到现在,已经有超过千名来自30多个不同国家的国际学生在这里学习,并留下了美好的回忆。


Yulin Yang
Chongqing Qinsean Law Firm
Australian National University Alumnus


Yang Yulin, an alumnus of Australian National University, director and lawyer of Chongqing Qinshan Law Firm, and external supervisor of Chongqing Foreign Economic and Trade (Group) Co., Ltd. Yang Yulin has been engaged in legal work for more than 20 years and has been awarded the “Outstanding Paper Award of the 8th China Lawyers Forum” by the All China Lawyers Association and “Outstanding Lawyer of Chongqing from 2011 to 2014”. He has also been appointed as an arbitrator and mediator for multiple arbitration and mediation institutions. Yang Yulin takes social responsibility as his own responsibility and practices the concept of community service. For many years, he has provided public welfare village (residential) legal advisory services to paired communities, helped improve grassroots social governance and high-quality development of community work; At the same time, he has actively participated in volunteer services for trade unions, widely promoted the Trade Union Law and the Labor Law, and continuously urged the construction of harmonious labor relations. On March 18, 2020, his service case of supporting the resumption of work and production of enterprises during the COVID-19 was selected as “the second batch of lawyer public welfare legal service guidance case for epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production of enterprises” by the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China. On March 28, 2020, the Economic Daily conducted his exclusive interview report with the title “Precise Legal Services Helping Enterprises Resume Work and Production”. He was also recognized as “an outstanding individual in the prevention and control of COVID-19 in the lawyer industry of Chongqing”.



Yilin Chen
Deputy General Manager
Wanli Transportation Co.,Ltd
James Cook University Alumna


Chen Yilin led the professional team of Wanli Transportation Co., Ltd. to undertake responsibility, work hard and achieve good results, her management team has built an integrated regional urban-rural transportation project and innovated a green freight distribution mode. By providing excellent services in logistics , technology and management, the company was awarded the “National Advanced Logistics Enterprise”. Chen Yilin  participated in the battle to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in Henan, and the heavy rain disaster relief in Henan in July 2021, undertook emergency transportation tasks, and was awarded the “Advanced Collective for Combating the COVID-19 Epidemic in Henan Province”. While actively building a corporate safe&healthy culture, safeguard employees’ labor protection rights and interests, Chen Yilin strengthened the protection of employee health, and helped the company win the honorary title of the excellent unit of the national “Health Cup”. Given outstanding behavior and excellent performance, Chen Yilin was awarded the “May 1st” labor model of Xuchang City.”



Ines Yuanyuan Liu
Senior Manager of International Business Advisory and the head of the Australian Desk
Dezan Shira & Associates
Macquarie University Alumna

· Initiated Foreign Direct Investment Desk (Australian to Asia) in 2019 to help Australian businesses navigate the business climate in Asia and making a long term, proven, and trusted advisor to Australian companies and individuals.
· Launched monthly Australian Desk Newsletter and built a robust professional social media channel presence to strengthen our firm’s reputation in the Australian business community and grew organically follower base on company’s social media profile by 75% in 9 months.
· Joined the Australia China Business Council on 12th September for a closed-door meeting, Executive China Updates in Melbourne.
· Successful on-board an Australian CPA firm as DSA’s Asia Alliance Partner in 2023 and strengthened the relationship via different formats of speaking events
· Spoke on a Podcast hosted by DSA’s Asia Alliance Partner in Australia that discussed what Australian businesses should consider when thinking about doing business in Asia.
· Deepened relationships with Australian State Governments overseas offices and Austrade both in Australia and its overseas offices in Asia in 2023.
· Assists Australian businesses in devising market entry strategies, establishing corporate structures, and navigating the intricate landscape of tax and legal considerations when investing in China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and south China. Increased Australian client engagement in the past three years and made Australian clients now being top 4 in the list of clients nationalities.
· 2019 年,启动澳大利亚事务部,专注澳大利亚作为协力管理咨询外商直接投资到亚洲的地区,帮助澳大利亚企业应对亚洲的商业环境,致力于成为澳大利亚企业和个人值得信赖的专业咨询顾问。

— 推出月度澳大利亚事务部新闻简报,并在专业社交媒体设立平台,以加强公司在澳大利亚商界的声誉。订阅数量在9 个月内有机涨幅达到75%。
— 今年9 月12日,应澳大利亚中国工商委员会的邀请,在墨尔本给维多利亚企业举行的闭门会议,分享企业在华发展的挑战和应对措施
— 2023年初,成功与一家澳大利亚会计师事务所建立DSA的亚洲联盟合作伙伴。在8月28日到9月22日在澳大利亚出差期间,展开不同形式的演讲活动。
— 应邀加入这家澳洲本土会计师事务所的播客对话节目,就澳大利亚企业进入亚洲市场应在考虑的事项展开讨论。
—  在2023年,透过与州政府及其海外办公室的合作,为州内需要在亚洲经商的企业和遇到困难的企业提供实质性协助和贡献。与澳贸委在澳大利亚和海外办公室的工作关系也进一步加深了。
— 自澳大利亚事务部设立以来,协助澳大利亚企业在中国、香港、东南亚和华南地区投资时制定市场进入策略、建立公司结构以及应对错综复杂的税务和法律考虑。过去三年来,使澳大利亚客户目前在客户国籍名单中名列前四。


Baisha Zhang
Managing Partner of Zhonglun Law Firm Guangzhou Office
Zhong Lun Law Firm
University of Melbourne and University of Western Sydney Alumnus

Baisha Zhang is a partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm, also a specialist in competition law, who is at the forefront of antitrust law and provides pragmatic advice in complex antitrust law matters.  He has been repeatedly recognized as one of the China’s foremost competition practitioners by the Chambers, the Asialaw Profiles, the Legal 500 and the Who’s Who Legal, etc.  Two cases he represented were awarded as the “Ten Landmark Antitrust Litigation Cases in 2022” by the PRC Supreme Court.
In addition to his accomplishments as an expert in competition law, Mr. Zhang has been instrumental in extending deeper understanding of law firm management in the great bay area of China.  Serving as the managing partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm Guangzhou Office, he leads the firm being yearly awarded by leading legal publications.  In recognition of his achievements in this area, Mr. Zhang was honored as the very first “Managing Partner of the Year: South & Central China” by ALB.  Meanwhile, he has gone above and beyond to pass the knowledge he received through his education in Australia to others, including teaching business and competition law in English for international students in Jinan University for 12 years.



Jian (Chris) Wen
VP and COO
Monash University Suzhou Campus
University of New South Wales and University of Technology Sydney Alumnus

Chris Wen is currently a Vice President at Monash University Suzhou campus. As the first Suzhou based senior leader, he joins Monash Suzhou in 2016 to take up the role of General Manage to lead the development of the Southeast University – Monash University Joint Graduate School (JGS), which was the first of its kind approved by Ministry of Education in China. Under his leadership, JGS has since grown from 200 students to currently over 1,700 students, which becomes the largest Sino-foreign graduate school in China, produced over 2,100 graduates with Masters and PhD degrees awarded by both universities.
Prior to joining Monash, He was one of the pioneers and part of the launch team of the Duke Kunshan University (DKU), a Sino-US joint venture, where he led the development of DKU’s very first graduate program in Global Health (also the first in China). He successfully developed partnerships with leading universities in China including Peking University and Fudan University, managed the life cycle of the first cohort of students from admission, enrolment through to graduation and career service, all under a very limited resource environment. The program was regarded as a flagship at DKU.  
Chris spent over 10 years working for the International Division of the NSW Government Department of Education. Before relocating to Kunshan, he was Director North East Asia, in this role, he led the education cooperations in China, Korea and Mongolia for the department, and was directly responsible for the largest Chinese international students program in the schools sector in Australia. While with the Department, he also developed and contributed to the fruitful international collaborations in vocational education and training as well as ELICOS sectors, examples includes the impactful Sino-Australia VET leadership and capacity building program, as well as the volunteer workforce training project for the World Expo Shanghai 2010.
Chris has law degrees from UNSW, ANU and UTS and is a qualified to practise in High Court of Australia and Supreme Court of New South Wales. He is a NAATI accredited English/Chinese translator.
He also served as Vice Chair of the Education Industry Committee at Austcham Shanghai (12-16) and sat on the International Alumni Council of ANU (14-15).


Kevin Tang
Investment Director
Prince Group Holdings (HK based Family Office, NAV USD$5B)
University of New South Wales Alumnus

Kevin’s journey in the field of investment management began in 1998 when he moved to Sydney, Australia for his tertiary education at the UNSW. He pursued a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and was later recruited into the Road and Traffic Authority Graduate Program. During the graduate program and with a renewed interest in finance, Kevin continued his education by earning two post-graduate degrees at the UNSW: a Master of Civil Engineering and a Master of Commerce.
Kevin’s educational background in “Civil Engineering + Finance” provided him with a unique skill set that combined technical knowledge with financial expertise. Additionally, Kevin is a member of CPA Australia. This combination would prove valuable throughout his career. After completing his education and gaining various working experiences in professional firms in Hong Kong, Kevin joined CITIC Construction Co., Ltd in Beijing, China, where he held the position of Investment Director. His role focused on cross-border investments, involving the identification and execution of investment opportunities across different countries.
Kevin was responsible for managing various cross-border M&A (mergers and acquisitions) deals during his time at CITIC Construction Co., Ltd. His international and diverse work experience, coupled with his knowledge of civil engineering and finance, enabled him to navigate complex business environments and successfully execute these deals. In particular, Kevin played a role in projects related to the “Belt & Road” initiative, a major development strategy undertaken by the Chinese government to promote economic connectivity and cooperation between countries.
Kevin’s professional achievements were recognized when he was awarded The Cornell-Tsinghua Dual Degree Finance MBA program Excellent Academic Scholarship. This recognition highlights his dedication and excellence in his academic pursuits.
Currently, Kevin works as an Investment Manager for a family office based in Hong Kong. Drawing on his 11 years of experience studying and working in Australia, as well as his professional experience in Hong Kong and Mainland China, Kevin aims to leverage his diverse geographical background and skill set to continue pursuing cross-border M&A deals.

滕小舟从1998年开始移居悉尼接受教育。在获得土木工程学士学位后,他被新南威尔士省交通部录取为管培生,在任职期间,他取得了土木工程硕士学位和商科硕士学位。凭借独特的“土木工程+金融”背景以及丰富跨国工作经验,滕小舟在其职业生涯中成功完成了多个跨境并购交易。同时,滕小舟也为澳大利亚会计师公会(CPA Australia)的会员。


Dr. Yang Zheng (Charlie)
Director, Phoenician Group
Certified Mineral Valuer
University of New South Wales Alumnus


Charlie graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2010 with Master of Finance and Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Studies) degrees and has a PhD degree in Mineral Economics. Educated in Australia, Charlie gained recognition globally by his profession and his peers. He is the first and the only Chinese-speaking Certified Mineral Valuer (CMV) accredited by the Australasian Institute of Minerals Valuers & Appraisers (AIMVA). He is a professional member of Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM), one of the most prestigious professional bodies in Australia, and a CFA® Charterholder.
Charlie is a well-regarded mineral valuation researcher and practitioner in both Australia and China, having developed a successful career as a mineral valuer, having served tier one financial institutions such as HSBC, AIA, and GCA. Charlie worked and lived in major Asia Pacific financials centres such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, and has advised large state-owned enterprises, international mining companies listed on the SEHK, SGX, LSE, ASX and other stock exchanges, global financial institutions, and private mining companies on mineral valuation and transactions related matters. Charlie is now Director and the Responsible Officer of Hong Kong-based boutique investment and wealth management firm, Phoenician Group. Charlie led the successfully listing of the company on the National Stock Exchange of Australia in October 2022.
Charlie extends his career success to serve the community. He is an active committee member of the Kangaroo Mining Club (KMC), a platform for fostering exchanges between China and Australia. Charlie also enjoys inspiring the next generation and passing on the spirit. He is a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Finance at SUIBE, guiding post-graduate students on research of asset valuation related topics.


Charlie 在澳大利亚接受教育,在全球范围内获得了专业人士和同行认可,他是第一位也是唯一一位获得澳大利亚矿产估值师与评估师协会(AIMVA)认可的华人认证矿产估值师(CMV),除此之外,他也成为澳大利亚和国际上久负盛名的专业机构澳大利亚矿业和冶金研究所
(AusIMM)的专业会员和CFA协会的特许金融分析师(CFA® Charterholder)。

Charlie是广为认可的矿产估值研究者和从业者,作为矿产估值师有着成功的职业生涯,曾服务于汇丰银行、友邦保险、GCA等全球顶级金融机构,曾在新加坡、香港、上海和悉尼等亚太主要金融中心工作生活,先后协助大型国有企业、多家在港交所、新交所、伦交所、澳交所等证交所上市的国际采矿及能源企业、金融机构、和民营矿企进行矿业资产估值和交易。 Charlie 现任香港精品投资与财富管理公司富理基集团的董事兼和持牌人。



Peter Osborne
Chairman, Director, Strategic Advisor
Charles Sturt University and Griffith University Alumnus

Over a 30 plus year career as both an Australian Senior Trade Commissioner in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing and in the private sector as Managing Director Asia for Blackmores, I have made significant contributions to the Australia-China relationship at both a diplomatic and commercial level.  I had primary responsibility for Blackmores entry into the China market in 2012 and in that role until 2020 grew the business from zero to over A$200 million in sales. As a Board Director and advisor to a number of major Australian companies since early 2020 I have supported the market entry and expansion of major brands such as Inner Health, v2 Foods, Vita Life Sciences, Deliciou and others.  I am an Advisory Board member of the Australia Chine Research Institute at UTS, Tsinghua University, Beijing special research fellow for the China National Social Science Foundation Project on the Cross Culture Studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and previously held the position of Vice-Chairman, China Association for Quality Inspection (CAQI), under the supervision of the China State Administration for Market Regulation.  I was the first and only foreign national to hold this position.


Jianbin Liu
Managing Director,CEO
Qingdao Talent Group CO.LTD
University of Wollongong Alumnus


Since graduating from the University of Wollongong in Australia in 2002 with a master’s degree in management, Liu Jianbin has held important positions in international and domestic well-known human resource service organizations such as FESCO, Randstad, China Chengtong Group, and served as the secretary general of the CHO Institute, the chief Human Resource officer of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, and the director of the CPHR Human Resource Management Association Beijing Branch of Canada.  Since 2021, he has served as the managing director of Qingdao Talent Group, a state-owned government talent work platform company initiated by the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, leading the team to promote and assist talent attraction, talent evaluation, talent training and high-level talent services in Shandong and Qingdao cities through market-oriented services of human resources.

自2002年澳大利亚University of Wollongong管理学硕士毕业后,刘建斌先后在FESCO、Randstad、中国诚通等国际和国内知名人力资源服务机构担任重要岗位的管理职务,同时担任长江商学院首席人才官CHO学会秘书长、加拿大CPHR人力资源管理协会北京分会理事等。2021年起他担任青岛市委市政府发起成立的国有政府人才工作抓手平台公司青岛人才集团董事总经理,带领团队通过人力资源的市场化服务来推动和助力山东及青岛城市的人才招引、人才评价、人才培养和高层次人才服务等。


Ms. Chris Pan, MAICD 
Operation – SCM Director, PTL Group
RMIT University Alumna

Chris is an experienced business leader with extensive international engagement, working as a senior executive at PTL group (a company with a $1000M+ trade volume of clients), specializing in brand strategy, operation  optimization and service delivery.  She has a proven track record of successfully managing complex issue resolutions; leading a high performing team to deliver integrated business solutions to bridge 300+ international companies’ market penetration into China; implementing strategy for growth, and navigating intricate policies to assist new companies to establish their reputations in China across a wide range of industries including life science, technology, medical and  security. Client networks are from Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America.
In her previous role as Austcham Shanghai Board Director, she used her experience in global trading compliance, strategic partnership engagement and extensive governance experience to strengthen the relationship between China and Australia, especially in the fields of Chinese market navigation, entrepreneurship-focused education, SME incubation and business matchmaking.
With her ‘Meet the future’ project, Chris continues to show her entrepreneurship spirit and commitment to make a positive impact on society and to help build a stronger community through education. Chris remains committed to empowering female entrepreneurs and young professionals in her other roles as Industry Mentor for RMIT University and as VP for the RMIT University Alumni Committee Shanghai. 

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