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活动回顾 | 心理健康系列活动


ACAA Mental Health心理健康系列活动的第二场活动,将会是一场用中文进行讲解的的心理健康辅导公开课,我们将会从以下几个话题,带大家直接、正面、理性的重新认识自己。相信听了这堂课,也会帮助你更加了解和理解身边的人。


  1. What is Mental Health? The Myth and Facts of Mental Health

  2. The cost of mental health

  3. Common mental health problems in Australia - Anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use (showing statistics)

  4. Signs and symptoms - select a few MH problems to elaborate in detail (ie generalised anxiety disorder, OCD, Depression & suicide)

  5. Causes of mental health problems (ie genes, environmental, personal coping styles)

  6. Where to get help for myself? (GP, psychiatrist and psychologist, medicare rebate, crisis call, face to face vs. Telehealth sessions)

  7. How do I help others with mental health problems

  8. Introduce focus group discussions




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