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Australian Alumni Awards to Recognize Outstanding Talent in China

The search for China’s best and brightest is on once again, with the launch of nominations for the second annual Australia China Alumni Awards, a wide-ranging campaign to recognise the fantastic and diverse achievements of Australian university alumni in China, both local and expatriate.

More than 200,000 Chinese students have studied in Australia since the 1970s, and the Australia China Alumni Awards sets out to acknowledge some of their successes.

Held for the first time in 2009, the winners were presented with awards at a gala dinner in Beijing, hosted by the Australian Ambassador to China, Dr Geoff Raby. The Awards will be significantly expanded in 2010 with nine Awards being presented across a range of categories, from entrepreneurship, to research and innovation, to banking and finance, to ICT, New media and development.

2009 finalists included Dr Shi Zhengrong, Founder of Suntech Power Holdings; Xu Rongmao, Founder and Chairman of the Shimao Property Group; Colin Giles, President of Nokia, China; and Lu Xiaoping, the Deputy Director of International Cooperation at China’s National Ministry for Agriculture.

The 2010 finalists will be announced at a VIP, invitation-only reception at the Australian pavilion at Shanghai World Expo on May 25th, 2010. Award winners will receive their trophies at a high-profile five star gala awards dinner in Shanghai on Saturday, 10th July 2010.

“The awards celebrate the very best of the Australian university system through highlighting alumni success in China in a range of fields,” said Iain Watt, Minister-Counsellor for Education at the Australian Embassy in Beijing and Chair of the 2010 Awards judging panel. “The awards showcase diverse individual achievements as well as the unique and special friendship between Australia and China and the contributions alumni make to the relationship.”

The awards are an initiative of the Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA), a not-for-profit organisation that reconnects China-based alumni of Australian universities.

CPA Australia, one of the largest and most recognized accounting bodies in the world with more than 129,000 members in over 110 countries, is proud to be the Awards’ principal sponsor, according to its General Manager for Greater China Deborah Leung.

“We’re delighted to be involved in this venture to recognize Australian educational and career excellence – values which CPA Australia share in realising our vision as the professional accountancy designation for strategic business leaders,” Ms Leung said.

Australian government departments have shown strong support for the awards, with Austrade and AusAID sponsoring Entrepreneurship and Development awards respectively, and Australian Education International sponsoring the “Young Alumni of the Year” award. Business Events Sydney is also involved, and will sponsor an award for Research and Innovation.

Telstra, Australia's leading telecommunications and information services provider, which has entered into partnerships with some of the leading players in key online advertising industry segments and leading Mobile Value Added Service (MVAS) and mobile advertising segments in China, will sponsor the Award for ICT and New Media. Telstra Sensis China CEO, Mr Robert Rath said: “We believe the local talents like outstanding Chinese graduates from Australian universities have a vital role in developing China’s ICT and new media industry. We are proud to be the sponsor of the award to recognize people’s great achievements and to foster the industry’s advancement in China.”

IELTS, the globally recognised test to measure a candidate’s ability to communicate in English is also a supporter, and will be sponsoring an award for Women in Leadership. “For me, the really inspiring part of the IELTS story is the contribution it has made to helping millions of young, ambitious Chinese realise their dreams by opening up life-changing opportunities for overseas study, work and immigration. We’re delighted to sponsor an award that recognises the valuable contribution Chinese graduates from Australia are making,” says James Shipton, Director Examinations Services, Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy China.

Two other high-profile Australian companies in China, ANZ Bank and Mallesons Stephen Jaques will sponsor awards for banking and finance, and corporate achievement, respectively.

The Australian China Alumni Association is now calling for nominations on their website where all details can be found. Alumni (of any nationality) may self-nominate or be nominated by a third-party. Nominations close 19 April 2010.

High-resolution images from the 2009 awards event are available for use with articles. They can be downloaded here:

About: The Australia China Alumni Assocation / CPA Australia - Australia China Alumni Awards are an initiative of the Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA), a not-for-profit organization started in 2007 and funded by 21 Australian universities. The ACAA has offices and regular events in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and aims to connect Australian university alumni across China with their Universities and each other. Alumni can register at for regular updates.

Media contact: Sarah Stewart
Director of Development, Australia China Alumni Association
Ph: +86 21 6289 2557 (business hours) Mob: +86 135 6411 3679 (after hours)

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