Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Who is eligible?

Entry to the Australia China Alumni Awards is open:
1. To alumni of all nationalities;
2. Provided they are currently based (ie spend more than 50% of their time) in the People's Republic of China, and have lived and worked predominantly in mainland China for at least the twelve months before the launch of the awards (Wednesday 29 July 2015);
3. And are:
a) Graduates of an Australian University, having studied in Australia; OR
b) Graduates of an Australian University, having studied on-line; OR
c) Graduates of an Australian University off-shore / twinning program, having studied outside Australia / partially outside Australia.
4. Alumni of any age may be nominated. Except for the AEI Young Alumni of the Year award which is restricted to applicants who were under 35 at the time of the awards nomination period launch (29 July 2015).

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I studied and graduated from an Australian university program in China, am I eligible?


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Who can nominate alumni?

Any member of the public in China and Australia may nominate a China-based Australian university alumni. If nominating someone else, the nominating party must acknowledge consent from the Australian university alumna/us they are nominating for the nomination to be valid.

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How do I nominate an alumna/alumnus?

2010 awards - sarah and alumni at UTS talk 1. Submit Online
Please submit the nomination form online:
Nomination yourself
Nomination someone else

2. Nominations open on Wednesday 29 July 2015 and close at midnight on Monday 31 August 2015. This is a strict deadline, applications submitted after this date will not be considered.
3. The nominating party must decide for which category/ies the alumna/alumnus will be nominated, but all finalists will be considered for all Awards.

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What information is required for a valid self-nomination?

i) Self-nominating parties must provide the following information:
1. Your current personal contact details (name, phone number, email address)
2. The university/ies at which you studied and the program from which you graduated.
3. A short statement explaining why you are deserving of the award. This statement must not exceed 300 words and must refer specifically to the criteria/description of the award.
4. A short professional resume including education, work experience, current occupation/position and publications (where applicable).
5. If nominating oneself, the nominee must provide a reference from another person supporting the nomination together with the referee's contact details.

ii) What information is required to nominate someone else?
6. Your current personal contact details, and consent and the personal contact details of the nominee (name, phone number, email address)
7. The university/ies at which the nominee studied and the program from which they graduated.
8. A short statement explaining why the nominee is deserving of the award. This statement must not exceed 300 words and must refer specifically to the criteria of the award.

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Can I nominate an alumna/alumnus where the alumna/alumnus is not working professionally in the field of study of their original Australian study program?

Jeff Turner from Austrade and Alan Marlin from ANZ Yes. Alumni do not have to be working in the discipline from which they graduated, but it is essential to display an on-going high level of achievement in the award category for which they are nominated.

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Can an alumna/alumnus be nominated for more than one award?

Yes, alumni may nominate or be nominated for as many awards as they wish, but they must provide a separate supporting statement (maximum 500 words) for each award nomination.

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Can an alumna/alumnus receive more than one award each year?

No. Alumna/alumnus may be nominated for more than one award, but may not receive more than one award in any one year of the Australia China Alumni Awards. Also, alumni award winners will not be eligible to receive the same award again in subsequent years, but may be nominated for and win a different award.

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Can an alumna/alumnus nominate his/herself?

Alumni are permitted to nominate themselves, but they must provide a contactable referee (Chinese and English language speakers are acceptable) who will support their nomination.

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Who will be judging the awards?

1. Entries will be screened by the Australia China Alumni Association, and a short-list of candidates will be hand-picked by a group of judges including representatives from the ACAA, CPA Australia, other sponsors and the Australian Embassy in China.
2. The award winners will be selected by a panel of alumni and government representatives, at a confidential meeting shortly before the awards ceremony.
To view the 2015 judging panel please click here
3. Judges will consider all finalists as potential winners in any category, where applicable.

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When will the Awards Gala Presentation Dinner be held?

The 2015 Awards Gala Presentation Dinner will be held in Beijing on Saturday 21 November 2015.

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Ticket Purchases

Tickets are now available for purchase

- Members / Partner University Staff : Early Birds (pay by 16 Oct): 612 RMB($135); Regular Tickets: 680RMB ($155.00)
- Non-Members : Early Birds (pay by 16 Oct): 702 RMB ($155); Regular Tickets:780RMB ($170.00)

*Ticket includes 1 year ACAA Premium Membership

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Tickets selling will be closed on 6th November 2015.

For bookings and inquires, contact Jerry Ji at:
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